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Webinar Series on Transperineal Biopsies Under Local Anesthesia

In this webinar aimed at Radiologists and Urologists professionals, Kenneth Tan, M.D, MBA, Radiologist at Cardinal MRI Center, will cover the role of MRI in the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. Starting with the role of MRI in fusion biopsy (PIRADS Score) and what are the benefits of Software with MRI guided biopsies. Dr. Tan will give you then some tips & tricks concerning the contouring of MRI Images and share his experience on MRI reading done for several diagnostic centers.

At the end of the webinar, a live Q&A session about MRI imaging for prostate cancer diagnosis will be held.

Earlier and faster cancer diagnosis is often key to successful treatment. During this webinar session co-hosted by Edward Bell and Dr. Simon Bott we will  focus on how timely and effective care can be provided to patients presenting with prostate cancer symptoms.

Edward Bell will explain how to implement RAPID Pathway, recommended by the NHS England, into your clinical practice: from board level sponsorship to identification of clinical specialist across the pathway.

Mr. Simon Bott will present how he performs transperineal prostate biopsy under local anesthesia by using KOELIS Trinity®  fusion biopsy platform and share his results after more than 1 year of practice.

Transperineal prostate biopsy under local anesthesia ( TP LA) is growing in popularity thanks to the latest advances in technology. Coupled with MRI-Ultrasound fusion, today the transperineal biopsy is particularly well-received among urologists in search of more efficient techniques

During this 45 minutes webinar, Dr Karsten Gunzel will present step by step how he performs TP LA in only 20 minutes from room preparation and material list to local anesthesia technique and targeted biopsy. Patient case will be discussed.

During the second half of the webinar, Dr Karsten will present his results after 1 year of practice and more than 500 procedures.

Join us for this webinar session co-hosted by Dr. Andre Abreu and Dr. Chris Dixon to learn more about using KOELIS Trinity®  fusion biopsy platform, equipped with exclusive 3D technology (OBT Fusion™).

In this webinar, Dr. Dixon, Urologist at Bon Secures Hospital in New York, will present on the benefits of Koelis’ Trinity Technology, grid-based technique, and improved targeting for uniquely positioned anterior lesions.

Dr Andre Abreu – Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology and Radiology at University of Southern California – will present his freehand technique for transperineal biopsy and share his experience employing local anesthesia.

MRI Ultrasound is becoming more popular and allows urologists to progress from blind, systematic biopsies to 3D mapped biopsies, targeted, and recorded.

During this 30 minutes webinar, Dr. Ehdaie will review the evolution of prostate biopsy and present evidence supporting the role of MRI/US fusion versus cognitive fusion biopsy. During the second part of the webinar, Dr. Gorin will highlight the KOELIS TRINITY® fusion system, in particular its features, including the Organ-Based Tracking (OBT Fusion®) technology and 3D Cartography.

Finally, patient cases will be presented to demonstrate how MRI/US fusion can significantly improve routine clinical care and guide therapy decisions.

In this webinar, Dr. Jason Letran – Director of the Cancer Institute and Urology Department at The Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center in Manila – will explain what are the limitations of the usual systematic TRUS biopsy and how to reduce its complications.

Then he will introduce the concept of fusion biopsy using mpMRI, the features of the KOELIS transperineal guide Mini-Grid and Full Grid, and how he uses them in his practice depending on patient cases.

At the end of the webinar, a live Q/A session about some initial results will be held.

Thanks to the latest advances in technology, transperineal biopsy is growing in popularity for PCa Management. Coupled with MRI-Ultrasound fusion, transperineal biopsy is particularly well received today among urologists looking for new & more efficient techniques.

In this webinar, Dr Peter Ka-Fung Chiu – Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong – will introduce the different tracking technologies and share his experience in Transperineal biopsy under local and general anesthesia using KOELIS Trinity® fusion biopsy platform, equipped with Organ-based Tracking Fusion technology (OBT Fusion™).

At the end of the webinar, a live Q/A session about his practice of transperineal biopsy under local anesthesia will be held.

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Sélection du patient pour une orientation vers des biopsies transrectales ou transpérinéales Dr. Gaëlle Fiard – CHU Grenoble

Biopsies de prostate ciblées par voie transpérinéales sous anesthésie locale au cabinet Dr. Aurel Messas – Urologie Paris Opéra

Surveillance active : Les bonnes pratiques Dr. Guillaume Ploussard – La Croix Du Sud, IUCT-O Toulouse

Une nouvelle approche de traitement ciblé du cancer de risque faible à intermédiaire de progression Pr. Nicolas Barry Delongchamps – Hôpital Cochin, Paris

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